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Reloadable Moose Pass FAQs

Reloadable Moose Pass


Frequently Asked Questions:

Getting Started

Once I add value to my account, am I ready to use my Reloadable Moose Pass?

No. By Default each seat has no limit set to their account. You must either set an account limit on the seat(s) or you must assign specific value to a seat for a specific game.

Can I access the value on my Reloadable Moose Pass using the barcode on my phone or mobile device?


Where can I use my Reloadable Moose Pass value in the Bell MTS Place?

At this time you can use your Reloadable Moose Pass value at all Bell MTS Place Food and Beverage concessions. You cannot use the Reloadable Moose Pass value with In- Suite service on the Scotiabank Premium Suite concourse or Tim Hortons Stand Locations (Across from Section 111 and Across from Section 310).

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My Account

How do I check my available account balance?

You can confirm your available account balance by logging into your Reloadable Moose Account.

Can I receive a receipt when I load value on my Reloadable Moose Pass account?

Yes you will receive a confirmation email when you add value to your Reloadable Moose Pass account.

If I choose an automated reload option when will the Reload occur?

The automated Reload will be start from the date the account has been automated (i.e. an account automated Tuesday January 3, 2017, weekly would be automatically reloaded on January 10th, 2017)

What happens to Value remaining on my account at the end of the season?

Any value remaining on your account at the end of the season will stay on your account as a credit for future food and beverage and/or Jets Gear purchases. It does not expire.

At the end of the season can I use the value on my account and put it towards my 2017 Calder Cup Playoff Invoice?


At the end of the season can I use the value on my account and put it towards my 2017 – 18 Manitoba Moose Renewal invoice?


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At a Game

Can multiple loaded value seats be used for the same transaction at the point of purchase?


If I lose my ticket or Seat locator what’s my recourse for getting the credit to use at concessions?

A new ticket will need to be reissued by the box office in order to access the value on my, Reloadable Moose pass.

Can I add value to my Moose Pass at a Bell MTS Place concession or Jets Gear store location?

No, you must log-in to your Moose Account to add value.

Can Loaded Value be combined with other forms of payment to complete a transaction?

Yes. You can combine both loaded value with cash, debit and/or credit.

Will I get a receipt at the concession once I make a purchase on my Reloadable Jets Pass?

Yes. You will receive a receipt showing the available balance on your account.

Can I request a fee and tax breakdown for Bell MTS Place transactions through my Reloadable Moose Pass?

Not at this time.

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Forwarding Seats

If I forward seats to someone with value attached and they forward seats on to someone else, what happens to the value?

The value will also be forwarded with the seats.

If I forward seats with value assigned to the seat(s), and a portion of the value is not used, does the value remain with the recipient of the seats?

The value that is assigned to the forwarded seats remains on the Reloadable Moose Pass account of the Forward recipient.

When I send seats via a Forward with value how do I notify recipient about the value on the seat?

You will need to send a message in the text field while forwarding seats in order to notify the recipient of the value on the seats.

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General Policies and Procedures

If I have received value for a specific game, is there a time when the funds expire?

Any value remaining on your account at the end of the game will remain on your account for future use.

If a game is cancelled or postponed what happens to any value I have assigned to that game?

The Value will remain on your Reloadable Moose Pass Account.

What incentives are there for loading funds on my Reloadable Moose Pass?

From January 1st, 2017 to March 1st, 2017 for every $100 added to your Reloadable Moose Pass we will add 10% to your account up to a maximum of $500 of added value.

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