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Moose Conclude Successful 2020 "Share the Warmth" Campaign - Manitoba Moose

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Moose Conclude Successful 2020 “Share the Warmth” Campaign

By: CK Nakhwal | Published: December 23rd 2020

The Manitoba Moose have concluded their sixth annual Share the Warmth campaign, presented by Red River Co-op, in support of Siloam Mission.

The COVID-19 pandemic made this year's campaign unique for all involved. Traditionally, Siloam Mission requests donations of used clothing items, but the 2020 drive focused on collecting new hygiene products, which were identified as an area of great need.

Manitobans showed their generosity yet again, making 2020 one of the most successful Share the Warmth campaigns to date. Donation bins located at all three Winnipeg Red River Co-op food stores, were filled with over 7,900 hygiene products, more than 5,000 new clothing items (1,000 of which courtesy of Tough Duck) and 630 food items. To date, Siloam Mission has also received over $7,600 in monetary donations as part of the campaign.

"It speaks volumes about the province," said Kory Harnum, Manger of Community Relations with True North Sports + Entertainment.

"The compassion that they have and looking out for others in a pandemic and realizing that there are people still in need... Manitobans stepped up in a big way."

The donations we're picked up by Siloam Mission on Dec. 22 and will be distributed to those in need in the coming days.

Fans can continue to make monetary donations to Siloam Mission over the holidays by clicking here.

Thank you to everyone who donated for your continuing generosity and a special acknowledgement to Red River Co-op for their ongoing support and enthusiasm for the Share the Warmth campaign.