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Moose Morning Meals

By: CK Nakhwal | Published: October 21st 2015

Not far from the stick rack, just outside the door to the Manitoba Moose dressing room, is a table. It’s not a work bench for tailoring sticks, but it is home to something very valuable to pro athletes looking to perform to their potential. It’s a table covered in healthy foods.

It’s a gruelling life being an American League player - there’s travel, practice, games, off-ice training and sometimes injury rehab so looking after your body is critical to success.

So what’s on the Moose breakfast table? Well, on this morning at MTS Iceplex it’s loaded with everything from hard-boiled eggs, to oatmeal, to fruit, and bagels. There’s also coconut water, water, and coffee.

Jake Wolff, ATC (Athletic Trainer Certified) is the Head Athletic Therapist and Strength and Conditioning Trainer for the Moose and the person behind the pre-practice feed. Wolff doesn’t just whip up a few dozen eggs and put some oatmeal out for the guys, he applies his expertise in putting the options together and talks about the importance of complex carbs, protein, simple fruits, post-practice recovery, and more for athletes who are developing and competing at an elite level.

The options are laid out in easy to access forms and can be eaten before the team’s on-ice session, before off-ice work in the gym, or at the end of the training day – it’s about setting players up for success.

There’s also another practical aspect to the food table, convenience. Like most of us who have busy lives, it can be tempting to hit the drive-thru, too tempting. So, Wolff says, why not just make it straight-forward for the athletes to make good choices.

Judging by the way the players powered through well over an hour of fast-paced practice again today, that well-picked over table is serving its purpose.

Manitoba hosts Lake Erie Thursday, October 22nd and Saturday, October 24th at 7pm at MTS Centre.

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