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Practice Report - Oct. 20 - Manitoba Moose

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Practice Report – Oct. 20

By: CK Nakhwal | Published: October 20th 2015


It might be confusing to the unfamiliar. After 50 minutes or so of intense practice, Moose coach Keith McCambridge blows his whistle and points to centre ice. All the players gather ‘round the centre circle and stretch, but practice isn’t over.

No, practice is just moving into another phase when the stretch is done. That other phase is a time for players to work on the finer points of the game in position-groups or to work on individual skills.

For centres, plenty of extra work on faceoffs. For wingers, taking pucks played along the boards. And Defencemen, creating that nasty one-timer.

Now, the Moose aren’t the only team in hockey to take this approach but it’s not a part-time thing – it’s a regular part of their daily work and it’s well supported.

The “after practice practice” see’s people like Assistant Coach Mark Morrison, Development Assistant Mike Keane and Developmental Goalie Coach Rick St. Croix working closely with players – teaching and encouraging them to be their best.

Rookie pro Josh Morrissey puts as much focus and effort into the second phase of practice as the first phase, and says it’s a time to develop everything from communication with the goalies to making adjustments based on observations from the last game.

Adds Morrissey, “Everyone wants to get better, and get to the next level” – but he’s also quit to point out it’s that extra work that will make the Moose a better team.

Manitoba hosts Lake Erie Thursday, October 22nd and Saturday, October 24th at 7pm at MTS Centre.

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