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Shot blockers

By: CK Nakhwal | Published: November 3rd 2015

You’ve got to look closely to see them but they’re there, and they’re on every pair of skates worn by Manitoba Moose players.

“They” are shot-blockers; an addition to the skate to help protect players from injuries caused by flying pucks.

Shot-blockers are mandatory for forwards and defenceman with the Jets’ top affiliate, and the club made sure to give its up-and-comers the word at the start of training camp to allow them to get comfortable with the new piece of their everyday gear.

Feather-light, and made of a composite material, shot blockers wrap around the heel of the skate and cover the inside and outside of each foot. A strap underneath the skate helps hold them to the bottom of the boot, while holes allow the top of the protective shields to be held on through the skate laces.

The Moose are among a group of teams that goes the extra-mile to have its players feet shielded, but not all teams are on board leaving it up to individuals to choose for themselves (as it is in the NHL).

Wearing the shot-blockers is a small change, but it can make a big difference. Players know they’ve got to take away shooting lanes and help defend, so it only makes sense they’d get some help to stay safe while doing what it takes to help the team succeed.

Moose head coach Keith McCambridge, a former defenceman who blocked more-than-a-few in his day, supports the decision to have players wear the added protection saying; “It’s a chance to keep the players healthy, protect the guys. Anytime you can do that it’s a good thing.”

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