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Fundraising Groups - Manitoba Moose

Fundraising Groups


Looking to raise money for your school? The Manitoba Moose have your answer! Fundraising with the Moose is a great opportunity to combine a fun night out with a group as well as raise money for your organization.

Groups who participate in a Manitoba Moose Fundraiser will receive $5-$10 for every ticket their group sells for the selected game while enjoying all the same great benefits groups enjoy.

It’s a WIN-WIN, your group earns money while attending a fun activity together that will strengthen your groups bond as well as providing a discount to the friends and family you sell tickets to!

Sell P2 Tickets for a targeted game (minimum commitment is 50 tickets).

  • Sell 50 to 75 – Incentive Level 1
  • Sell 76 to 150 – Incentive Level 2
  • Sell >150 – Incentive Level 3

We will offer the following:

  • Customized online ordering portal that each family can use to purchase as well as forward to contacts on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Customized information letters
  • BONUS – if your organization sells 150 tickets everyone in the group will receive a special reward

For additional information, please contact:

Justin Augert
Email Justin