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Seat Holder of the Game - Manitoba Moose


Seat Holder of the Game

Seat Holder of the game 2018-19 Recipients

Seat Holders will be randomly selected throughout the season and acknowledged at Manitoba Moose regular season home games as the Manitoba Moose “Seat Holder of the Game”. One Seat Holder will be recognized at each Moose home game.

Each Seat Holder of the Game will receive a customized Manitoba Moose Tough Duck apparel item. The Seat Holder of the Game will also be recognized in-game on the on Bell MTS Place score clock video screen during the game.

Seat Holders will be randomly selected during the month of September in preparation for the upcoming season and contacted to confirm the date of the game that they will be acknowledged as the Manitoba Moose Seat Holder of the Game!

No entry is necessary as all Manitoba Moose Seat Holders are automatically eligible to win.

SSH Winner Diane Gillis

October 12, 2018

SSH Winner Diane Brine

October 13, 2018

SSH Winner Philip Hay

October 19, 2018

SSH Winner Dave Hinds

October 21, 2018

SSH WInner Jay Crockatt

November 2, 2018

SSH Winner Kayla Donald

November 3, 2018

SSH Winner Donna Nelson

November 8, 2018

SSH Winner Samantha Buffie

November 10, 2018

SSH Winner Kevin-Hosein

November 23, 2018

SSH Winner Joe-Langlois

November 24, 2018

SSH Winner Joe-Langlois

December 14, 2018

SSH Winner Joe-Langlois

December 15, 2018

SSH Winner Brian-Kelly

December 21, 2018

SSH Winner Curtis-Einarson

December 22, 2018

SSH Winner Apollo-Alvarez

December 30, 2018

SSH Winner Bev-Remillard

December 31, 2018

SSH Winner Darryl-Little

January 10, 2019

SSH Winner Tamara-Prociuk

January 12, 2019

SSH Winner Jennifer-Soloniuk

January 14, 2019

SSH Winner Jim-Anderson

January 16, 2019

SSH Winner Peter-Peiluck

January 19, 2019

SSH Winner Travis-Devisser

January 20, 2019

SSH Winner Sheldon-Stewart

February 9, 2019

SSH Winner Jayson-Stoffman

February 10, 2019

SSH Winner Corrine-Sansome

February 13, 2019

SSH Winner Cary-McNab

February 15, 2019

SSH Winner Candace-Wahl

February 17, 2019

SSH Winner Chris-Seymour

February 18, 2019

SSH Winner Janet-Olsen

March 9, 2019

SSH Winner Ron-Kaposi

March 10, 2019

SSH Winner Pernell-Sparks

March 13, 2019

SSH Winner Alyssa-Zimmer

March 15, 2019

SSH Winner Andrew-Wyrzykowski

March 17, 2019