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Ride the Zamboni Contest - Manitoba Moose

Ride the Zamboni Contest

Enter your child (aged 8-14) to have the chance for them to win a ride on the Winnipeg Richardson International Airport Zamboni at the intermission of a 2019-20 regular season Manitoba Moose home game. You will also win (4) tickets to the game!

Enter below today for a chance to win at one of the following games:

  • November 11th
  • November 15th
  • December 6th
  • December 21st
  • December 29th
  • January 3rd
  • January 13th
  • January 18th
  • February 6th
  • February 12th
  • February 15th
  • February 29th
  • March 7th
  • March 26th
  • March 31st
  • April 4th

Click here to read the Contest Rules & Regulations >>

Winnipeg Richardson International Airport